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About Encore Trim

Who We Are
We handle many corporate accounts and are fully insured with general liability and workman's comp to protect us and our customers. With our mobile units we can come to you with a variety of services. Our five techs and support staff with over 80 years of combined experience give us the broadest knowlege base in our area and field. By keeping up with current envioronmental and industry standards we ensure that our methods and products are top-notch. We consult directly with insurance companies, leather goods suppliers, restaraunts, car dealers and body shops to help determine repair/replace viability. By repairing rather than replacing expensive items we help keep premiums and repair costs down.
Our Approach

Honesty and personal integrity are intrinsic in our business.  If something can’t be fixed, or just shouldn’t be, we’d rather explain that up front and allow the customer to decide how to proceed.  Many of our services are something of a surprise to our customers.  Things we’ve been doing for nearly 30 years regularly raise comments like “I didn’t know you could DO that” , “I didn’t think you could FIX plastic” and “Can you really put the TEXTURE back in it?”  We enjoy discussing with customers how they can save money by repairing rather than replacing items,

A Little History
We started in San Antonio in 1980 installing vinyl tops ( hey, that was the rage then! ), doing vinyl repair, striping and custom graphics, and even the old ‘rivet-on’ body side moldings and luggage racks.  Back then adhesive products weren’t what they are today, and could often be found on the ground beside the cars they were supposed to be sticking to.  Nothing was in a ‘kit’, we laid it all out by hand.  We also did vinyl repair, and toyed around with leather repair.  It was very much a ‘grass roots’ industry, borrowing materials and supplies from many trades to develop techniques that fit our customer’s needs.  In the early days we primarily focused on the automotive and aircraft industries, with occasional forays into leather furniture repair, wood touch-up and other related fields.  As new products became available we expanded into windshield repair, signage, airbrushing, gold-leafing, paint protection film, headlight restoration and even a little window tinting.  One of my favorite developments has been hand-painted pinstriping.  While very difficult to master, it’s been one of the most satisfying aspects of the work that we do, and something that allows artistic expression and continued development for a lifetime.


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