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"My interior was showing the signs of age: cracked leather developing holes and paint completely worn off of plastic pieces. Shawn did a fantastic job restoring the leather, fixing holes and repainting the plastic to exactly match the rest of the interior. My car's interior now looks like it did 6 years ago. 1/12
- hp"


Encore Trim installed stripes on my Mustang and they came out perfect.
They even corrected an improper cut on one of the stripes to make it look like it never happened and made that perfect cut on the vehicle.
Strongly recommend you use Encore Trim to install your stripes; you won't regret it! GL 2/12


Thank you soooo much for the amazing job on the VW. The seat and trim came back perfect!!!!! I'm so grateful. Amy 10/11


Shawn, I thought you would like to see how well the sign came out installed. Thanks again for your work, it looks great.. 10/11


I would like to say a good word for Encore Trim. 
The repairman came to my home to repair a new, white leather sofa that had been damaged during delivery.
He arrived on time.
He was quiet and industrious in his work manner. 
The result was a blemishfree, perfect sofa. I was amazed at the perfect color match!
Thank you Encore Trim.
L. Tucker


You fixed our exam table back in 2002 and it still looks great! We have another cut in it now we need repaired. T. Roberts 12/2009


I think you did a beautiful job on the dash pad! Thank you very much. You ARE a master at your trade. I put some of the pictures I took on my web page below. If you need any of them, especially the "before" picture, just right click on it or them, and grab them. Here is the verbal and pictorial accounting of Danny's restoration work on my '59 Tbird's interior.

Best Regards,

R. Clark
Squarebirds.org Administrator - Owner - "The Yellow Rose Of Texas"  YellowRose



Hi Shawn,
I'm still VERY happy with my new hood stripes. I've uploaded photos from the MustangFest trip to Port A on my FaceBook page. You ought to get one too!
I'll attach some photos here for you to use too ... Let me know if they don't come through well ...

Take care! Charlann


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