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Paint Protection Film

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So how do you get a picture of paint protection film? It's optically clear, guaranteed not to chip or turn yellow, and in this application covers the entire hood, bumper, and both fenders, as well as mirrors, wheel wells, and parts of the rear bumper. This was a 5 star application, as hard as they get ( you know... don't try this at home kind of stuff ). We are the only SEMA Certified installers in South Texas. It's an outstanding product and much nicer not to have to look at than the old vinyl 'bras' of years gone by. They would actually wear through the paint while 'protecting' it. Call us for a price. It's much cheaper than repainting!

The same product can be used ( and is on high-end cars ) for door edge protection and any area subjected to unusual wear or rock chips.

Another outstanding option is to protect your headlights as well. Did you know some headlights ( like these ) cost around $1000 each! The headlight film is many times thicker than the paint protection film and is very effective in protecting against rocks, etc.


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